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 hi there. i'm ashley, a freelance graphic designer living in venice beach, california. this blog is where i share and chronicle my latest obsessions and inspirations. 

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nyc: before and after

as a diehard NYC lover, i am fascinated with this website that's been getting a lot of buzz lately. not only can you see historical vs present day NYC, you also get a good dose of city history. check it out.



line i love: electric love

after constantly running into the five dreamcatchers my freshman roommate had hanging all around our dorm room, i've had a thing against dreamcatchers. that is until i saw electric love's dreamcatchers. each dream catcher is handmade in NYC. i've had my eye on these for a while now especially because someone in our household (and it's not me or the cat) suffers from crazy night terrors. my mild obsession with them grew stronger last week when i spotted them in an amazing store in sayulita, mexico. now i just need to find where i've stashed my dreamcatcher money.


inspiration overload: holiday magazine

maybe i've been living under a rock, but i hadn't heard of the old magazine, holiday, until this month's vanity fair article feature. the magazine was around from the 1940s through the 60s and featured glamourous destinations for the jet-set crowd. legendary art director, frank zachary, hired big names like milton glaser and slim aarons to design the colorful covers and spreads.

i am absolutely obsessed with all the covers i've seen so far. according to the VF article, they are rare finds on ebay, but my search has begun- i'd love to get a collection of holiday covers framed. until i can hunt down the originals, i'll be drooling over these images. 


the april 1953 cover, by robert capa:

the august 1962 cover, by ludwig bemelmans, shows holiday's playful side:

the january 1954 cover, by george giusti:

a playful christmas cover:

my favorite things all in one- typography and new york city:

super fun colors on this spain issue:

love the all black and white november 1967 cover, by milton glaser:

the september 1957 cover, by george giusti has killer color combinations:


such fun and punchy colors on the september 1961 cover, by frank zachary:

i love anything NYC related, especially this simple graphic july 1961 cover, by frank zachary and louis glessmann:

such a simple, yet powerful, way to illustrate a rocky mountain issue:

i absolutely adore the typography on this cover:

a may 1948 article, “spring flowers,” featuring watercolors by libbie lovett shows the variety of artistic styles the magazine featured:

this january 1947 map, by libbie lovett is so whimsical:


watch: saturdays magazine

unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the perfectly cool NYC surf brand, saturdays. saw this video of the making of their second magazine. i wouldn't mind a press check in iceland! 





style portrait: linda rodin

i have a thing for gray hair. a major thing. i found my first few grays about a year ago. i was a little surprised because my mom is nearly 60 and has natural nearly-jet-black hair. her mother is 90 and is gray only around her temples. so i always assumed i wouldn't go gray. while most women would be thrilled with the idea of not going gray, i've always embraced (and looked forward to) the idea of going gray.

enter my obsession with linda rodin. i first learned of her through a refinery29 profile and instantly fell in love with her gray hair, funky style and eclectic apartment. a former model turned stylist, rodin worked with legendary photographers herb ritts and richard avedon, dressed halle berry and madonna and regularly works with super models and victoria's secrets angels. 

she also started a chemical-free luxury skincare product line made from essential oils derived from flowers and other botanicals, rodin olio lusso. i am DYING to try. 


photos: refinery 29 here and here. last photo: advanced style